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Ski touring

Ski touring is the best way to get away from the ski lifts and go skiing in the mountain.Unlike the off-piste practiced essentially crossing from a track, the field of action is incomparably vast.The extent of the possible routes is limited only by the physical condition of the people and the snow-weather conditions.

This is the best way to make a first trace on virgin slopes in a natural environment.

Arrivée à un col en ski de randonnée guidé par un moniteur de ski

Basic and practical material

For climb, we use "skins of seals" (now synthetic) to prevent the retreat of the skis.
Ski touring skis are versatile alpine skis with a lighter structure.
the bindings make it possible to release the heel for the ascent, it locks for the descent like in alpine skiing.
The lightweight shoes have 2 ski / walking positions with a rear flex for walking and a blocking for the descent.
The bindings incorporate wedges that elevate the heel on steeper slopes.

Additional material

- Orientation material: compass, altimeter and GPS with cartography.
- The indispensable triptych DVA-shovel-probe per person.
-A medical kit, a survival blanket.
-To hydrate and eat.

The ski touring is learned and requires:
-An economy of effort to climb and as downhill.
-A keen sense of the ground to manage a route up regular laces.
-A knowledge of the mountain and evaluation of the consistency of the snowpack.

Ski touring is experiencing a new boom as a hobby for more ecological.

A ski instructor accompanies you for progression in stages to enjoy the first experiences.

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