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Special beginner

For a complete beginner the psychological barriers can seem very difficult to overcome because it is absolutely not natural to slide on snowy slopes but thanks to the experience of a patient ski instructor and pedagogue, you will progress very quickly in complete safety and trust.

un petit groupe de 3 enfants en cours de ski évoluent entre chasse-neige et skis parallèles sur une piste bleue

You will learn to overcome your fears on beginners' areas, by learning the basic techniques of skiing at your own pace, a good position on skis, speed control and the first turns on gentle slopes.

It is fundamental to avoid losing confidence because it is always difficult to rebuild it and because skiing is only a game of balancing conditioned by this same confidence in its capacities.
The choice of the ground, the respect of the rhythm of the student, the clarity of the explanations and the appropriate exercises are the key to a fast and painless progression.

The private lesson of 1 person is the most suitable for beginners, for small groups it is essential to have a homogeneous level with a comparable margin of progression: for this it is not desirable to mix children and adults but to form groups of neighboring age, with similar dynamism and physical condition.


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